FPL Gameweek 6: Transfer Suggestions

September 23, 2023 | Diwas Lamichhane 13.5K Reads

Diwas Lamichhane

Love playing cricket and analysing things related to cricket and football

Diwas Lamichhane

Love playing cricket and analysing things related to cricket and football


Alvarez (6.8m) Jackson (7.0m)
Alvarez (6.8m) Watkins (7.9m)
Schar (5.0m) Chilwell (5.8m)
Foden (7.6m) Mbeumo (6.9m)
Botman (4.6m) Henry (4.6m)
Newcastle Defender* Saliba (5.2m)

Chelsea striker Nicolas Jackson is a heavily sold FPL asset running into GW6. Showing excellent form in the pre season, many FPL managers seemed to have interest in the newly signed striker for Chelsea. However, he has been getting big chances but hasn't been converting in into attacking returns. He is on 4 yellow cards and one yellow card away for getting suspended for a match.

Jackson faces Aston Villa, Fulham and Burnley next in gameweeks 6,7 and 9 respectively. He has been getting sold heavily and can be worth a risk for another gameweek where he can be a differential for your team. However, Julian Alvarez at 6.8m seems a decent replacement for Jackson as he has scored 2 goals and 5 assists during the first 5 gameweeks.

Alvarez has not been a rotation risk player this season as he is regularly getting 90 minutes play. He is a decent replacement pick for Jackson.

Similarly, if you have Watkins in your team, you can consider replacing him with Alvarez as he seems to be more nailed on in terms of attacking returns.

Newcastle faces Sheffield United next and easier run of fixtures starting GW6. So, what are you waiting for? Trippier, Schar and Botman are the nailed on Newcastle defender you can keep an eye on as a replacement for likes of Chilwell, Henry and Saliba.

Trippier may not be that much worth it of his price tag i.e. 6.5m where he is getting older and can get lesser playing minutes for he has to be playing 2 matches in a week due Champions league group stage matches. You can pick him as he's most nailed on defender of Newcastle but can be a risky one.

Rico Henry is suspected to be out for whole season due to anterior cruciate ligament injury. Mads Roerslev (4.4m) will replace him in the left back position and can be worth a risk for. Roerslev has 0.1% ownership and can be a differential punt.

Mbeumo is doing really good for Brentford and there aren't many midfielders you can replace for transferring him in. However, with Foden starting in the Champions league match this week, he can be a rotation risk and be an option for bringing Mbeumo in.


  • Mohamed Salah - 12.5m - 27.2%

We know Liverpool are still struggling with their defense but we also know that they are at very good level in terms of attacking threats. Salah delivered a 10 pointer in gameweek 5 against wolves with 2 assists against Wolves which could also be the hattrick of assists if it wasn't a deflection for an own goal for Wolves.

Liverpool's fixture swing is great from GW9 onwards. However, their attacking threat is of top quality and we can expect attacking points from the fixtures against the likes of West Ham, Spurs and Brighton in GW 6,7 and 8 respectively. If you are aware of Liverpool attcking threat, then who would you put your money on? Salah for me because he is nailed on and isn't a rotation risk player.

However, I dont think there is a rush to get him into your team. If you've got 2 free transfers left or you have left enough money left, you can go for him but a -4 hit wont be suggested and is preferred to avoid from my side.

Next 5GW:

GW6 GW7 GW8 GW9 GW10


  • Marcus Rashford - 8.9m - 33.5%

Rashford has been really unlucky to not get attacking points in the GW5. He is doing pretty well and delivering shots on the box frequently. He is linking up well with new striker Hojlund. He had assisted Hojlund for a goal but was ruled out by VAR since the ball was slightly probably a centimeter over the line while he passed the ball to Hojlund.

He is doing really well and he is facing Burnley next which increases the chances of getting attacking returns from him. So, for now Rashford is definitely not a sell. If you have Rashford in your FPL team, I suggest you to hold them for next gameweek.

Next 5GW:

GW6 GW7 GW8 GW9 GW10


This much for today and I hope you have a wonderful gameweek.

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