Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

1Is there any estimated number of hours daily to be completed? Or is it upon writers choice and time ?
Lets be clear first, that this is not a job. You can write articles whenever you want and will be paid only for the ones that is published.
2Will there be a minimum article requirement per day/week/month?
No. There is no criteria for minimum articles per any period of time.
3Is there a minimum word count?
Yes. There is no exact limit on the word count but in general we expect you to write at least 300 words per article.
4Will there be working hours?
Since this is not a job, there are no working hours at all. You can write whenever you want and submit it.
5Can I pick any title I want to write?
Yes. The writers have full freedom to pick any title they want to write. But our editorial team will have the authority to publish or reject the article. Writers will be communcated clearly why their writing is not accepted so that they can modify and resubmit for review.
6Are there any fixed rules that I have to following to choose my title or is it completely flexible?
There aren't any restriction to choose the title. However, the title should be from sports niche.
7Am I supposed to incorporate SEO elements into my articles or is it completely free creative writing?
It would be great if writers can incorporate SEO elements in the articles. For example, using proper headings. But our editorial team is always looking closely at all writings and will have the authority to modify sections of your writing to make it SEO friendly.